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Venture Scouts 21st Birthday
1988 Aim of Scouting
1. Opening   10. Down By The River
2. Top Hats   11. At The Yokel
3. London Town   12. Dancing Through The Ages
4. The Sparrow   13. Ladies of Distinction
5. Football Hero I NTERVAL 14. Money And Friends
6. Producers Nightmare   15. The Demon Barber
7. Over The Rainbow   16. On Their Way To Bed
8. The Bucks   17. Happy Land
9. Fiesta Time   18. Drink, Drink
      19. Finale
    THE QUEEN    
Based on an idea and using material written by
Ralph Reader CBE.

Some of the Cast


Written & Composed by Ralph Reader C.B.E.

Its Showtime
Our First Show
On The Crest Of A Wave
The Angle
Fiesta Time
Troubles Rolling Down The River
Go Into Your Dance
Money And Friends
The Happy Land
The Finale