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21st Birthday of Venture Scouting

1988 marks the 21 st Birthday of Venture Scouting. It was in 1967 that the Advance Party Report was issued and the change from Senior Scouts and Rover Scouts to Venture Scouts was initiated. The creation of a self governing, self programming section, guided by adult leadership was seen as revolutionary at the time but, looking back over the 21 years, it is very evident that this was the right step to take. The organisation created and the imaginative training programme proposed for Venture Scouts who are aged between 16 and 20 has withstood the test of time. The opening up of membership of the section to young women some 10 years ago has both strengthened the section and improved the quality of its operation.

In Cleveland there are 35 Venture Scout units, most of them with mixed membership, participating in a wide programme of social, adventurous and community based activities. They and their leaders will be celebrating the 21st year of Venture Scouting over the weekend of October 1st/ 2nd, the anniversary of the founding of the Venture Scout Section. Other special events are planned in Cleveland throughout the year, and in particular, as part of the service commitment within Scouting, a large contingent of Venture Scouts and young leaders from Cleveland will be travelling to Kenya during the summer to work on Water Harvesting projects.

We wish all Venture Scouts a HAPPY BIRTHDAY in 1988 and know that the section will continue to expand and flourish in the future, providing a real challenge for young people of Venture Scout age.