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A Report from our District Commissioners

As Scouting in Middlesbrough continues to improve all the time, the development of strong Venture Scouting, 21 years old this year, and the more recent formation of Beaver Colonies have been the most significant improvement in scouting during this period.

The turn of the year saw the dissolution of South Middlesbrough District and a realignment of the boundary line now divides Scouting in Middlesbrough into two districts, East and West.

With the spirit of adventure ever present and fun packed programmes being enjoyed by all sections, more members are experiencing the World Wide Brotherhood of Scouting at first hand. Friendship '87 at Wynyard Park brought together 2,000 Scouts from many different nations last summer for a week under canvas.

Karl Pederson from the Phoenix Venture Scout Unit went on the Yorkshire Schools Expedition to the Himalayas during the summer and at Christmas, lain Shepherd and Keith Richardson represented us at the World Jamboree in Australia. Five of our young Leaders and Venture Scouts travel to South Africa this year to take part in "Water for Africa" and last but not least, Karen Hellier from the Phoenix Venture Scout Unit joins Operation Raleigh in the Cameroons in November.

The Beaver Section is growing rapidly and beginning to work on their own District Activities. Last year they joined the Cub Scouts on a day trip to Lightwater Valley as well as the Santa Trip on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

Several Cub Packs attended the day visit to Friendship '87 at Wynyard Park and their Football, Rounders and Handicraft Competitions continue to be well supported. This year, as well as each pack taking part in its own activities and camps, they have a trip planned to Flamingo Land as well as a County Sixers Camp.

Our Air Scouts continue to achieve RAF recognition, one of a very small number in the country to achieve this honour.

As the development of Scouting continues to be a high priority here in Middlesbrough, Yamin Khan has been appointed as the Islamic Scouting Development Officer.

Together, with the District Teams, the aim of all is to:
a) Strengthen what we have.
b) Expand into areas without Scouting.
c) Consolidate our position.
and along with our Commissioners, Advisors Leaders and the Fellowship, we look forward to our continued success in 1988.

Frank Holliday
District Commissioner
West Middlesbrough
Colin Meikoleit
District Commissioner
East Middlesbrough