The Gang is back for another fun packed show here at Middlesbrough Theatre. Gang Show 2018 has been in rehearsal since before Christmas and the cast young and old have worked extremely hard with your enjoyment at the forefront of their minds. This year we have 85 members of cast with the largest proportion of youngsters that we have had for a long time.

Middlesbrough Gang Show prides itself on our ideal of never turning anyone away who wishes to take part in the show no matter what ability they may or may not have. All we ask for is commitment and then our dedicated team of production staff as well as business and support staff will ensure that they will play an active part and perform to the best of their ability. All of the above teams are volunteers and give up many hours of their time to ensure that the show meets the high standards that have been laid down over many years and we give a big thank you to all of them.

We also give our sincere thanks to David Lindsey the Theatre Manager and his staff front and back stage, who give us lots of help and advice.

All we ask from you is to relax and enjoy the show and please show your enjoyment in the usual way, this gives the youngsters, especially, a lot of encouragement and feeling of pride.

Frank Rose

Chris Greenwood

I'd like to start by welcoming everyone to Middlesbrough Gang Show 2018 !

I've been a part of the Middlesbrough Gang Show for the past 8 shows, but this is my first as Middlesbrough District Commissioner and I am so incredibly proud to be associated with such an amazing show.

It's great to see lots of new faces young and old who have joined the 'Gang' for the first time this show and also it's great to see so many returning cast members.

Everyone, from the cast you see on stage, to the people behind the scenes, have all worked incredibly hard to put together an outstanding show that I'm sure is going to leave you with a huge smile on your face.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone from the cast, crew and you, our paying audience, who have worked so hard to ensure that funds have been raised to be able to put on a fantastic show of such a high standard.

Thank you to every one of you for coming to support us.

Rebecca Hole - Middlesbrough District Commissioner

The Middlesbrough Gang Show Team have once again produced and excellent programme for our entertainment. This would not have been possible without a tremendous amount of hard work.
Thank you to members of the cast for your dedication to the schedule of rehearsals. Thanks also to the backstage team for all the time you have contributed to make scenery, props and costumes.

The show is a remarkable achievement and shows us all what is possible with teamwork. Many congratulations and well done everybody.
David Clark - Cleveland County Commissioner

The Gang Show is only one of the varied and exciting activities offered by Scouting. If you or your child wish to become involved please visit the website below to register your interest. A friendly member of our team will be in touch to deal with your enquiry.

Its Gang Show time again!
One of the strands of the current strategic plan of The Scout Association is Community Involvement and what better way than a Gang Show to involve the community!
We have first of all, the involvement and commitment of the parents of all the young people in the Show who, rather than just ferrying them to a weekly meeting, dropping off and picking up, are becoming more involved to a greater depth and get to see more of Scouting life. Then we have the audience, which will include many people who have not been involved in Scouting for a long time, or not at all, but come along to support the Show because they know someone in it or because they are a follower of Gang Shows.
Finally we have Middlesbrough Theatre and its brilliant staff, a pinnacle of the local community, who allow us to put on our Show every two years. Again, for some, this may be their first connection with Scouting. 5o, it can clearly be seen that Middlesbrough Gang Show is very much involved in the local community, along with all the Patrons of the Show and companies who sponsor it. Have a great time everyone, thanks for coming and please spread the message about Scouting giving its members skills for life!

Ian Railton - Chair of Cleveland Scouts

Gordon Appleton
Michael Appleton
Ged and Barbara Bishop
Mr & Mrs M E Boxall
Mrs & Mrs M G Brunton
Mr & Mrs K Burniston
David Clark
Mark and Nicky Clerc
Sheila Dawson
Dennis and Freda Ford
Cynthia A Frank
Mrs E Gettings and Family
Mrs B Green
Chris and Gill Greenwood
Mrs J Henwood
J P & J Hewling
Frank and Joyce Holliday
Richard Irwin
Mr & Mrs L Jewett
Jennifer King in memory of
Allan King
David and Jackie Leckonby
Reverend T and Mrs M Lewis
In Memory of Ron McCarthy
Neil and Barbra Midgley
Mr & Mrs M Mitchell
Mr & Mrs B Moore
In memory of Richard and
Ethel Moore
Dr Stuart Murray
Keith and Hazel Nudd
Mr & Mrs W A Pearson
Ian and Val Railton
Don Robson
Frank and Jane Rose
Kathryn Rose
Phillip and Charlotte
Roy Rowell
Dick and Simone Scott
John R Taylor
Martin and Ana Taylor
Lynda Walker
June Wheeler
David Wheeler
Emma Whitten
George and Pat Whitten

Middlesbrough Borough Council
The Munroe School of Dancing
Rebecca Wright Photography
Cleveland Security Ltd
Pickerings Plant Hire
SD Print / Design
Acklam Electrical
Stainsby Design
TATA Steel
Ross's Ltd
Raven Gill
Northallerton Gang Show for
loan of costumes.
"Crash Bang Wallop" Youth Theatre
for loan of costumes.
Katie Mitchell for publishing
"Hi Gang" during the rehearsals.
To those who have sponsored items in the programme.
PVH Land Rovers
Acklam Electrical
Rebecca Wright Photography
27th Middlesbrough Scout Group
44th Middlesbrough Scout Group
1st Coulby Newham Brownies
The Hole Family
The Rose Family

To our members who have donated the proceeds
from events they have held or taken part in,
to the production of this show.