Well it's that time again when the Scouts of Middlesbrough welcome you to Middlesbrough Theatre for "Gang Show 2016". The show this year has attracted a cast of 89 young people and adults from both the Scout and Guide Associations of Middlesbrough and surrounding districts This year sees the 100th Anniversary of the formation of Cub Scouts and again they perform part of the show on their own and seem to take over quite a lot of the rest. It is also Olympic Year and both of these events are acknowledged on our show badge.
Gang Show in Middlesbrough is as strong as ever and we think that again we have put together a show that will prove this. A show like this doesn't just happen. It takes hard work and time. Rehearsals started in December and the cast along with all the volunteers have given up their time, which is too difficult to measure. The theatre staff have been a great help, as usual, and we offer our grateful thanks to them all. Sit back, relax and we hope you en joy the results of this hard work.

Frank Rose

Chris Greenwood
Welcome to you all, and thank you for coming along to 'Gang Show 2016'. So many cast members from past shows have returned and it's nice to see many new faces, especially the younger cast members. They are the future. Being a cast member for many years it is always good to see what numbers are being prepared for you the audience, and I am certain you will enjoy the show. Chris and his team have worked a great deal to ensure this show entertains you all.
Since my first show in 1988 I have seen many changes but in that time I still see the enjoyment and happy faces on all the cast from the first rehearsal to the last show. The Production Team, Wardrobe, Choreographers, Musical Director and Orchestra along with all other Back-Stage & Backroom staff involved have worked very hard to try and raise the funds needed and also still provide the quality of show you 'the audience' deserve to see. The team of volunteers who prepare the scenery do an amazing amount of work in the build up to the show. As do the 'front of house' volunteers during the show. The cast have been amazing throughout rehearsals and believe me, we need to learn a lot of things in 3 months or so. This show is my last as District Commissioner and I have been so proud to represent Middlesbrough Scouts over the past 11 years, yet hopefully can still do so in a different role in the future. Whatever happens I'm sure the new DC will be very supportive. Middlesbrough Scouts and the work of the Executive Committee are the envy of many across the Country, their hard work and valued support in Scouting and in this Show is appreciated by all of us. I would like to thank all of those involved in 'Gang Show 2016' and hope you enjoy the performance. If you do, please tell others and encourage your friends and family to come and see it.
Matthew Mitchell - District Commissioner
Tel: 01642 296257 or Mobile : 07990 535360

Gordon Appleton
Michael Appleton
Mr & Mrs A. J. Barwick
Mr & Mrs K. Barwick
Ged & Barbara Bishop
Mr & Mrs Matthew Boxall
Mr & Mrs M. G. Brunton
Mr & Mrs K. Burniston
Mrs S. Dawson
Mr & Mrs D.P. Ford
Avril Foster
Miss C. A. Frank
Mrs Eileen Gettings & Daughters
Mrs B. Green
Chris & Gill Greenwood
Janet Henwood
Peter & Judith Hewling
Frank & Joyce Holliday
Mr & Mrs L. Jewett
Allan & Jennifer King
Trevor & Margaret Lewis
In Memory of Ron McCarthy
Neil & Barbra Midgley
Matthew & Helen Mitchell
Mr & Mrs B. Moore
In Memory of Richard
& Ethel Moore
Hazel & Keith Nudd
Mr & Mrs W. A. Pearson
Alun & Carole Prest
Ian & Val Railton
Don Robson
Mr & Mrs F. Rose
Kathryn Rose
Phillip Rose
Mr R. W. Rowell
Dick & Simone Scott
Mrs J. L. Stabler
John R. Taylor
Miss Lynda Walker
June & David Wheeler
Mr & Mrs G. R. Whitten
Miss E. Whitten

Middlesbrough Borough Council
The Munroe School of Dancing
Cleveland Security Ltd
Pickerings Plant Hire
Acklam Electrical
Stainsby Design
TATA Steel
Ross's Ltd
Raven Gill
Northallerton Gang Show for
loan of costumes.
"Crash Bang Wallop" Youth Theatre
for loan of costumes.
Katie Mitchell for publishing
"Hi Gang" during the rehearsals.
To those who have sponsored items in the programme.

On behalf of Cleveland County Scouts I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the members of Middlesbrough Gang Show an absolutely brilliant week on stage at The Middlesbrough Theatre! Having been a past member of the cast, I know just how many hours of practise has to be put in beforehand to make the shows so successful. All these hours are on top of everybody's normal days of work, school, college, families and not forgetting Scouting! Many thanks to all the back stage staff who have been working tirelessly, since before Christmas, working on costumes and scenery - the results of which will be amazing. Many thanks, as well, to all the parents and carers who have been chauffeuring the young people backwards and forwards to rehearsals - the time has now come to sit back, relax and watch the fruit of your endeavours!
Ian Railton
County Chairman