The Tea Girls
Due to circumstances beyond my control it was not possible to get a group picture of those lovely ladies
that kept you refreshed during rehearsals and at the show so I have included some of the pictures taken
during rehersals and at the after show party.
20140111-035.JPG 20140111-063.JPG
20140125-004.JPG 20140125-006.JPG
20140208-029.JPG 20140208-035.JPG
20140215-063.JPG 20140315-065.JPG
20140322-017.JPG 20140322-024.JPG
20140322-027.JPG 20140322-055.JPG
20140329-007.JPG 20140405-001.JPG
20140405-045.JPG IMG_8052.JPG
IMG_8087.JPG IMG_8096.JPG