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District Scouts
Matthew W. L Mitchell
District Commissioner
59 Green Lane
Tel: 01642 296257 or
Mobile: 07990 535360

Gang Show '2008'
Welcome to the Middlesbrough Scouts Gang Show 2008. It seems like we
haven't been away at all since Gang Show 2006, and the extra County
Scouts show in 2007. During 2007 `Scouting' celebrated it's Centenary.
100 years is a amazing achievement and during that time many Scouts and
Scouters (whatever the different sections have been named over the years)
have met with numerous challenges and adventures which would help
prepare their life ahead. As a member of Scouting since I was in `Cubs'
(many years ago) I can really understand how important Scouting has been
to me and will continue to be for many years to come. After those 2007
celebrations had ended we were quickly reminded that we must plan for the
future and we jump straight in with this weeks show. The cast, backroom
staff, wardrobe and production teams have all worked so hard, as have the
Executive and Business teams to prepare this show for you the Audience.
The Producers, Musical Director and his Orchestra have very high standards
so the Cast have to work hard all week to meet these standards. I'm sure
they will perform brilliantly.
There would be little point to planning and putting on a show if we didn't
have an Audience to present the show to, so I would like to thank you all
for coming to our `Gang Show 2008'.
Good Luck to all the Gang.
Matthew Mitchell ( District Commissioner )
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