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Yes we're back again for what will be our 25th show in this theatre.
Once again the Gang has been working hard at rehearsals under the direction
of the Production Team and Musical Director, for at least twice a week
for the past three months they have practised their dance steps and
learnt their words so that they could be ready to put on an excellent
show for your enjoyment.
It is nice to be able to report on young people today who have being doing
something worthwhile rather than you reading about the things for
which they keep getting bad press, not all youngsters are the same and
they all shouldn't be tarred with the same brush.
My thanks go to all the cast, production team and backstage people involved,
from the tea lady to the members of the committee. The list is to long
for me to name everybody but believe me everyone is so important in
their own way and without them all the show could not go on.
Next year Scouting is 100 years old and the movement is marking its
centenary in a number of ways, one of which is the holding of the
Jamboree back here in the country where Scouting started.
Cleveland County is looking to send a contingent of scouts to the Jamboree if
we can raise the necessary funds (it costs approx 1000 per person).In
am effort to assist in the fundraising we have decided to put on a show
next year which will be a celebration of song and dance from the 100
years that scouting has been going. We look forward to your support
for this event next year, but now - Sit back, relax and enjoy the show as
we proudly present GANG SHOW 2006.

Keith Nudd
Gang Show Chairman.
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