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Gang Show 2004
MrBump.gif 2004ChrisG_WEB.jpg
Geoff Cox Chris Greenwood
Assistant Producers : Kieth Richarson
Steve Brown
Fred Gettings
Emma Rose
Helen Rose
Stage Manager :
Wardrobe :
Administration :
Assisted By

Hi Gang :
Fred Gettings
Margaret Hole
Gillian Hodgson
Freda Ford
Helen Forest
Susan Corbin
2004EmmaR_WEB.jpg 2004HelenR_WEB.jpg
Emma Rose Helen Rose
Assisted By : Rebecca Coverdale

Business manager
Doug Corbin

Vice Chairman :
House Manager :
Treasurer :
Secratery :
Booking Secratery :
Catering Manager :
Patron Secratery :
Programme Sales :
Frank Rose
Ray Broadhead
Sheila Dawson
Jane Rose
Jennifer King
Susan Corbin
Frank Stabler
Gwen Fletcher
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