Backroom Boys and Girls
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The 70 or so members of " The Gang " have been aided and abetted by scores of " Backroom " boys and girls in staging this show. To list them all would be virtually impossible. Below are listed some of those hard working teams of assistants. Our sincere apologies are extended to those who are not mentioned; we can only assure them that their efforts really are greatly appreciated.

See some of the Crew in Action
(May be distressing to those with a sensitive nature))

Visit the Covern
Visit the Tea Girls
Visit the Dressers
Front of House Gang

Anne Barker

Barbara Bishop

Sallie Bowyer

Susan Broadhead

Kirsty Brown

Jane Campbell

Cath Chapman

Andrew Charlesworth

Gareth Clay

Carol Corbin

Anne Cox

Ben Cox

Ann Donnison

Brian Filmer

Leeann Filmer

Freda Ford

Avril Foster

Chris Gell


Arthur Gettings

Sarah Gettings

Louise Egan

Betty Green

John Green

Elizabeth Greenwood

Ivy Harrison

Judith Hewling

Peter Hewling

Bob Hodgson

Elizabeth Hodgson

Alex Hole

Simon Hole

Allan King

Fred Lapping

Jenny Lewis

Trevor Lewis

Alison Livingstone

Jackie McCarthy

Joey McGurk

Lesley McMullen

Sean Maynard

Denise Metcalfe

Robbie Metcalfe

Lesley Micklewright

Steven Micklewright

Joan Moore

Christine Pattison

Jane Pearson

Barbara Readman

Alison Rider

Win Sanderson

June Simpson

Sue Sinclair

Valerie Stalker

Charlie Turner

Ann Tweedy

Brenda Tweedy

Brian Tweedy

June Wheeler

Sheila White

George Whitten

Mrs Williams

Margaret Wooding