Chairman 's Message

Having retired as Production Manager after the last show I now find myself once again
following in Frank Holliday's footsteps by taking over his role as Chairman.
Frank retired after being involved with the show for 40 years in one capacity or
another. Our thanks go to Frank and we wish him well in his retirement
I wish you a warm welcome to this "Gang Show 2002" where a new production team
of Geoff Cox and Chris Greenwood, along with choreographers Emma and Helen
Rose, have been very busy for the past few months putting together this new show.
The show is a vehicle used to raise funds for the Scout and Guide movements of
Middlesbrough, and all the people involved give their time freely.

The cast have been put through their paces and have worked very hard to bring to you
a new and exciting review. Our thanks go to the cast, their producers and all the
dedicated leaders, mums and dads, both front of house and back stage who have
worked together over the past months showing excellent team spirit.
I must mention and give special thanks to Alun Prest, our Musical Director. Alun
retired after the last show but volunteered his services and stepped into the breach
when his appointed replacement was unable to take up the role.
The format of the show remains the same, plenty of music, colour and movement and
I guarantee that you will all go home this evening having seen a wonderfully enjoyable
So get ready, make yourself comfortable and let the show begin.

Keith Nudd


"The Gang Show" is based on an
idea by the late Ralph Reader CBE


County Commissioner's Message

Middlesbrough are once again waving the flag for Scouting in Cleveland,
with another "Gang Show" production. As County Commissioner I congratulate
all members of the cast and all the backroom staff for their hours of
dedication and practice in putting this show together.

I thank the organising committee for giving our members,
young and not so young, the opportunity to use the talents and expertise that may
otherwise be wasted or not brought to fi'll potential. It is very heartening to see Scouting
on display in such a professional way.

Good Luck and Best Wishes

David Clark, Cleveland County Scout Commissioner