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Chairman's Message

We hope you enjoy this Millennium Gang Show and wish you a very warm welcome.

This year's Show has tried to reflect the best of our previous Shows, so no doubt many of you will be sungnng along with us. The cast is amongst the largest we have had and they have put their hearts and souls nuto the production. Our thanks go to the cast, then producers and all the dedicated Leaders, Mums and Dads, both front of house and back stage, who have worked together to show tremendous team spirit.

With a new Millennium, Century and Decade, we see changes to the Team who have produced Middlesbrough Scout Gang Shows for over 40 years. Hazel Nudd, Choreographer for over 20 years, retired after the last Show and now Keith and many of his Co-Production Team are hanging up their costumes after this Show. Continuity however is assured as Geoff Cox and Chris Greenwood are to take over as Producers and Emma and Helen Rose have taken over responsibility for the Choreography. We wish them all well in the future. After being involved for 40 years with Middlesbrough Shows I also will be saying adieu after this Show.

Get ready for the music, sounds and colour that we present and enjoy the Show.

Frank G. Holiday