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Welcome to this Middlesbrough's Millennium Gang Show. I hope you have a wonderful evening, certainly if the effort put in by the cast and backroom people is anything to go by then I am sure you will.

In 1958 in answer to an appeal from Headquarters to help build the Baden Powell Hostel in London we decided to put on a show at the Little Theatre. The show was called "We'll Live Forever" and proved such a success that it was decided to continue with the shows to raise funds for Scouting in Middlesbrough.

This we have done every two years since, being awarded the title Gang Show (and permission to wear the red neckerchief) in 1960, so here we are for the 22nd show we have put on in this theatre. Girls came into the show in 1972 whilst the Cub Scouts made their bow in 1980.

Anyway that is enough of the history lesson, just sit back and enjoy the show. We hope you will be entertained and that you will tell your friends all about it.

In closing may I just express my thanks to the rest of the Production Team and all the backroom people involved for giving up their free time, but mainly to the cast who have worked so hard for four months to put on this show.

Keith Nudd

Production Manager