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Welcome once again to Middlesbrough Gang Show, for this our fortieth year at Middlesbrough Little Theatre.

We first started here in 1958 with a show called "We'll Live For Ever" and in our opening tonight we reproduce a number of the songs from that show.

As a point of interest there are two members of the cast tonight who were in that first show.

A great deal of hard work has gone into putting on this show for you and I sincerely hope you enjoy the night.

The show is produced mainly to raise money for the Scouting activities in the Middlesbrough area, and all the people concerned give their time free for the benefit of Scouting.

I would like to thank in particular:

a) The members of the cast for their hard work since we started rehearsing in January

b) The wardrobe people for all their efforts in ensuring that everybody goes on stage correctly attired.

c) Our Musical Director for all his assistance at rehearsals as well as during the week of the show

d) The Choreographer and her team for all their efforts, in coping with people who seem to have two left feet.

e) The Business team and all associated with it for their efforts in allowing the Production team to concentrate on the show itself.

f) The Stage crew who have been working on the scenery since January

g) Our rehearsal Pianists who have kept us in tune.

Sit back and enjoy the show, join in whenever you can, we want to try and give you a night to remember that will stay in your memory.

Keith Nudd

Production Manager