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A very warm welcome to you, our audience. We hope you enjoy the Middlesbrough Scouts Gang Show.

It is my sad duty to inform you that since our last show, the President, Irwin Greenwood, died. Irwin was associated with Gang Shows in Middlesbrough since its inception in 1949. He was Producer for all the Shows in the Little Theatre from 1958 till 1978 and has held Executive positions with the Show since then, although always willing to help and advise on production matters.

This Show is a dedication to his memory and includes some of the numbers he counted as his favourites.

I have visited many of the rehearsals this year and have witnessed the team spirit, the dedication and professional manner in which the Cast, Production and Business Teams have worked. All thanks to them for their efforts, which I know will pay dividends with a wonderful 1996 Show. Thank you for honouring us with your presence today - now sit back, enjoy yourselves and savour the spectacle and entertainment of this, our "Gang Show".

Frank G. Holliday