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Once again Middlesbrough Scouts present 'The Gang Show' at the Little Theatre Ä our 20th consecutive show at this venue.

Unfortunately since our last show we have lost the services of Middlesbrough's own "Mr Gang Show", Irwin Greenwood, who is no longer with us after a long illness. We owe so much to Irwin for the continuance of Gang Show in Middlesbrough that we have specifically dedicated two numbers in the show (Owls and Money and Friends) to his memory.

I would like to thank all the dedicated people without whom this show would not go on: the Producers, Accompanists, Wardrobe, Choreographers, Orchestra and Back Stage supporters who infuse the Cast with enthusiasm and professionalism.

All the many hours of support given by the majority of them is done *ee of charge (which many people do not appreciate); they have been backed by parents, helpers, leaders and the Show Business Team. I thank them and you, the audience, for being here tonight.

Sit back in your seats now, enjoy the show as the Scouts and Guides of Middlesbrough try their best to entertain you; it is their hope that you will appreciate their efforts and support their next show when it comes along.

We also hope that we may have won many new friends for Scouting.

Production Manager

P.S. This one is for you, Mam.