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Once again it falls to us to welcome you to the Middlesbrough Gang Show. The show you are about to see is the product of many months of hard work by a large number of people, the production team, the cast and last but certainly not least the back stage crew who are the unsung hero's of this production. We must thank the Cleveland Guides for all their help, it is good to see the Guiding and Scouting Movements working together so well.

This year is going to be a very busy one for Scouting in Cleveland. The International "Friendship" camp is to be held at Ripley Castle, when some 2000 Scouts and Guides from all over the world will partake of a host of activities set up by Cleveland County Leaders, a really formidable task. Let's hope the weather smiles on us and allows the Boys and Girls to enjoy the camp to the full.

Doug Corbin is again organising a foray into darkest Africa with a group of Venture Scouts and Ranger Guides to carry out work to help those less fortunate than ourselves. This time it is to Middlesbroughs twin town of Masvingo in Zimbabwe, good luck to you all in this venture.

These are only two of the exciting activities that are being planned inside the County. These are extra to the "normal" Scout work that goes on week after week. We thank all the dedicated leaders who make this all possible. Despite all the marvellous work done by the Warranted Leadership, Scouting as we know it can only exist with the help and support of you, the people. Thank you all - now just sit back and enjoy "The Gang Show 1994".


East Middlesbrough District


West Middlesbrough District