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Dear Friends and Supporters of Scouting,

I hope that you enjoy this GANG SHOW as much as all the cast, production staff, back-stage people, programme sellers and others do. I know that the best part of the show is being one of the "Gang" during the rehearsals and run-up to the show. It's like being part of one big "family", and that too is what Scouting is all about.

We all work together to have fun, make friends, do exciting things, in the safety of the "family". BUT - we need your help.

All our leaders are volunteers in uniform, of which we are rightly proud, but many of our helpers are parents and friends, all doing their little bit to help the "show" of Scouting to stay on the road.

After the show is over, and you admire the enthusiasm and dedication of the cast and production team, could you spare a few moments to think if YOU would like to help the Scouting Movement in some way? You could find yourself sharing in some of that fun, picking up some of that enthusiasm, and making lots of friends along the way.

Contact any uniformed member in the theatre - they will be only too pleased to help you.

To the "Gang", Good Luck in the Show - enjoy yourselves with your big family, and help to keep the flag of Scouting "riding along on the crest of a wave".


County Commissioner