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The 1992 Water for Africa Expedition involves 50 Venture Scouts, Ranger Guides and leaders from Cleveland, including a small party from Sunderland. Each are paying 700 to cover their own travelling expenses and living costs whilst in Kenya.

These participants represent the whole of Scouting in Cleveland and area. In the eyes of Kenya Scouts and the Kenya Government the example set by Cleveland Scouts is held up for all to see. Not all expeditions that have gone from the UK in recent years have earned this respect. Cleveland Scouts go there to work and will not be satisfied if they do not complete what they set out to achieve.

The project aims to construct a much needed health clinic in the village of Murinduko which is situated on the slopes of Mount Kenya, some 70 miles north of Nairobi. At present the nearest medical facilities are a 10 mile walk from the village, certainly not an easy journey to undertake if you are in need of medical attention.

The proposed clinic will provide general medical treatment for sickness and injury and a preventive medical programme, including Family Planning and Ante Natal Clinics. This may seem mundane to us who are used to convenient access to medical care, but we must remember that in Kenya, as in most other parts of Africa, 1 child in 6 under the age of 5 dies through lack of simple medical treatment.

We need: 27 tonnes Cement
160 tonnes Aggregate
3500 Stone Blocks
1800 metre Timber
265 Corrugated Roof Sheets
1 3 Doors
1 4 Windows
280 metre Steel
200 Kg Nails
These are the main materials which will
be used in little over three weeks to
build the clinic together with associated
water storage and latrine f,acilities.
It will not be a holiday!

We ask you help to raise the 20,000 necessary to buy these materials. Any donations of fund raising you can provide to help us will be gratefully appreciated - every little helps.

Please give us your support so that we can show Kenya that we are as good as they think we are!

Project Leader: Doug Corbin,

Project Engineer : Alan Charlesworth