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Show Chairmans Message.

As the new Chairman of the Middlesbrough Scouts Gang Show may I welcome you to the Little Theatre.

This is my first association with a stage show, and it has been a unique experience for me. Only people closely connected to a Gang Show have any idea of the months of planning, organising, working, auditioning, rehearsing etc that are needed to stage this 'Show'. I am especially proud of the way in which everyone connected with the Show responded to all the demands made on their time, their energies and their skills with unfailing willingness, good humour and enthusiasm in the very best of Scouting tradition.

Grateful thanks and best wishes are due to the cast, the Production team, the Business team and everyone else connected with the Show which I know will be a well deserved success.

To you, the audience, thanks for being with us, I hope you enjoy watching the Show as much as the 'Gang' enjoy performing for you.

George Elliott
Show Chairman