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Message from the County Commissioner

I am delighted to have this opportunity to wish the 'Middlesbrough Gang' every success with their Show this year. We have come to expect a professional standard from the 'Gang' and they always seem to surpass their previous successes. I am sure that this year will be no exception.

A tremendous amount of time and effort has to be spent in preparing and rehearsing a Gang Show and leadership is required to bring everyone together into a team. Whilst every member of the 'Gang' works hard, a special mention of the Production Team must be made, because they provide this leadership and inspiration. The 'Gang' will have had plenty of opportunity to put their Scout training into practice during the last few months as they have worked towards the first night. After the Show is over, they will return to their Packs, Troops and Units with new skills and renewed enthusiasm as a result of working together to provide your entertainment.

I should like to thank all concerned with Middlesbrough Gang Show for providing the Community with such a fine example of what young people today can achieve. Cub Scouting is celebrating its first 70 years this year and the Movement as a whole continues to thrive in all sections. I thank you for coming tonight to support Scouting and trust that you will enjoy the 'Show'.

Neil W. Midgley
County Commissioner.