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Why '70' UP ???

Thats exactly the number of years it is since Cub Scouts started.

As early as 1913 Baden-Powell had outlined a programme for 'Junior Scouts' but it wasn't until 1916 that B.P. finalised a programme suitable for these younger boys. His friend, Rudyard Kipling, was persuaded to allow his 'Jungle Book' to be used as a basis for the sections programme; The Leader being Akela the Old Wolf and the boys to be known as Wolf Cubs.

After preliminary talks in June 1916 the first Pack meeting for Wolf Cubs was held on Saturday 1 6th December 1916, by 1922 numbers had risen to 19,000 now the U.K. total is 266,656.

The modern title 'Cub Scouts' was adopted in 1966 when tests were revised and updated using Arrow Awards instead of the Star Tests.

Cleveland now has some 2,500 Cub Scouts who, with their Leaders will celebrate their 70th birthday, designated as 'Rainbow Year', with a Fun and Activity day at Guisborough on 7th June 1986.

The Chief Scout will be joining them along with some veteran Wolf Cubs of yesteryear.

We wish all Cub Scouts, past and present, A HAPPY Bl RTH DAY.