1984 Cast
1984 Back Stage Boys & Girls
1984 Orchestra
1984 Show Chairmans Message
Tribute to Ralph Reader
1. Opening
2. Old MacDonald Had a Farm
3. Not Cricket
4. Matchstalk Kids
5. Shipwrecked Sailors
6. Pirates Dilema
7. You Don't Need Music to Dance
8. Rob a Job
9. The West is Wild
10. Hygiene
11. first Act Finale - Services
1. Bambazoolian Way
2. A Long Time Ago
3. At The Sales
4. Springtime
5. Visiting Hours
6. Knocking at the Door for Mabel
7. Mulligans Fair
8. When Knights Were Bold
9. Angels of Mercy
10. Finale - Tribute to Ralph


Written & Composed by Ralph Reader

There's No Show Like a Gang Show
Birds of a Feather
Crest of a Wave
You Don't Need Music to Dance Meet
The Navy Gunners
Wave The Flag
Bambazoolian Way
Merry Month of May
Mulligans Fair
Follow the Crowd.