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Show Chairmans Message.

Having been associated with the Middlesbrough Gang Show for many years, the last 12 as Show Chairman, I find myself, once more, bubbling over with enthusiasm and excitement at the prospect of this new production.

It is with this feeling of 'joie—de—vivre) that I welcome you all to the Little Theatre. I'm certain that you will be more than pleased with yourselves that you took this opportunity of attending this show. Your enjoyment of the evening will be just reward to the cast and helpers for their months of preparation and rehearsal (4 nights weekly since the beginning of January) and I ask you to make your pleasure public by your reception before the final curtain.

It would be remiss of me if I did not publically thank the producers, cast, orchestra, stage and front of house staff, including the Theatre personnel. The work and dedication given by all is to be commended and on your behalf and that of the sponsors, the East, South and West Middlesbrough Districts, I say "Thank you and God Bless you all".

To you the audience, thanks for your presence and have a marvellous time.

R.C. Lee