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Fifty Years On

The London Gang Show was the brainchild of an anonymous "Holborn Rover" and the first production ran for three nights at London's Scala Theatre in 1932. It was later revealed that this anonymous "Rover" was Ralph Reader and the Gang Shows which he founded became legendary with Ralph Reader not only producing the London Show but also writing the scenarios, over three hundred sketches and four hundred songs in the following forty two years.

Scouts in most of the major towns and cities in the United Kingdom and throughout the world have produced their own Gang Shows using Ralph Reader's material which he has so generously given to the Scout Movement and adding some of their own scripts as well.

In 1950 Middlesbrough Scouts produced their first Show and the infectious enthusiasm of the cast is very well known throughout the area. The costumes are always outstanding and the production maintains, and this year exceeds, the remarkably high standards set in previous years. Sit back and enjoy a show performed by amateurs in a most professional manner. As usual the words and music of Ralph Reader ensure a successful show and this is helped in no small way by the assistance of some of Middlesbrough's Girl Guides whose appearances in the Gang Show are now a welcome and regular feature.

The curtain rang down on the last night of the London Gang Show at the Gaumont State Theatre,. Kilburn, in 1974 but now, fifty years after the first performance, the curtain continues to rise at the Little Theatre showing that Gang Shows are as popular and entertaining as ever.