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Booking Manager

Spotlight on the Show

A thousand welcomes to you all to our 15th Show.

These 15 shows have been given in 3 venues, the first in 1950 was in St. John's Hall in 1951 and 1953 they were staged in the Empire Theatre.

Our first venture in the present venue was called "We'll Live Forever", a musical play. Middlesbrough Scouts were then granted the privilege of staging "Gang Shows"—this privilege only granted by Scout Headquarters when a very high standard of production was achieved. So now we proudly present our 11th Gang Show and we are positive it will prove as entertaining and popular as all its predecessors.

As stated in our last programme, because of the retirement of Ralph Reader, no new material is now available from him, but he has written such a mass of music and Iyrics that the difficulty is which to use and which to leave for future shows. We hope our choice meets with your approval. One or two items will have been seen in earlier shows by our faithful followers, but they will revive pleasant memories, we are sure.

Our last Show in 1978 marked the retirement of our producer, Irwin Greenwood, although at that time, he promised to help us in future shows with the benefit of his vast knowledge and expertise whenever called upon. This Show was started in the last months of 1979 by 3 of Irwin's assistant producers acting as Co-producers, namely, John Green, Frank Holliday and Ron McCarthy, who have a whole range of problems to cope with, but "thanks to Irwin" for helping with them. He has shown that wonderful spirit which permeates the whole world of Scouting.

Finally, we welcome to the Middlesbrough Gang Show for the first time, Cub Scouts. We feel sure that the audience will be over the moon to see these younger boys contributing to the evening's enjoyment—we, ourselves, think we have done the right thing in giving them a chance to show what they can do. We wish them well.

In conclusion, "Friends", we ask you to bear in mind that the objects of Scouting and Guiding are to train boys and girls to become better citizens, better equipped to meet adult problems when they reach that status and to learn to enjoy life in a healthy, clean and adventurous way. Gang Shows are just a tiny part of that pattern.