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Show Chairman's Message

How pleased and privileged I am to be, once again, writing a few words for inclusion in the Gang Show Souvenir Programme.

It falls to my lot to wish all connected with this Show the very best of luck and good health for the week's run.

After many weeks, each covering at least 4 nights' rehearsing, the cast hope you, the audience, will feel the effort has been well worth while. Behind the cast and in full support is a multitude of workers, including the producers and their assistants, choreographers, accompanists, administration experts, stage crew - the list is almost endless. To them all, 1, as chairman, pass on the thanks and gratitude of you, the audience, allied to those of myself and the sponsors, i.e. the 3 Middlesbrough Scout Councils (East, South and West).

In these dark days of strikes, industrial disputes and war-scares, the Gang Show brings a ray of sunshine, a hatful of catchy tunes and an abundance of laughs which we hope will send you home feeiing uplifted and refreshed.

Enjoy yourselves.