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All Gang Shows thrive on four factors with each being as important as the others. Firstly, there is the spirit and enthusiasm of the cast, secondly, there is the faithful support of the front and back stage crew, thirdly, there is the inspiration of Ralph Reader and lastly, there is the support of the audience. The Middlesbrough Gang Show is no exception to this. It has always been a very lively show which provides excellent entertainment and is enjoyed by cast and theatre goers alike. This applies to the Show this year as much as it has done in the past.

There is one aspect of the Gang Show to which I should like to refer specifically and that is the teamwork which is fundamental to the success of any production. As you read through the programme you will see that there are no individual 'stars' and this is because everyone from stage hands to box office or from soloists to dancers and chorus have an important part to play in order to ensure that you have a memorable evening.

I should like to congratulate the Gang of Scouts, Guides, leaders and supporters in Middlesbrough on achieving and maintaining the fine Gang Show traditions which started forty five years ago. They enjoy entertaining you and I know they hope that you enjoy joining in the fun.

Simon A.E. Pilley,
Countv Commissioner