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Booking Manager

Spotlight on the Show

Hello! How nice to see you! Welcome to our 14th Show.

From the very first venture in 1950 which was called "The Gang Steps Out" and held in St. John's Hall, followed by 2 shows in the old Empire Theatre in 1951 and 1953, we have covered a period of 28 years up to the present with, including this show, 10 Gang Shows. For the mathematicians amongst you, the first show in the Little Theatre was a musical play entitled "We'll Live-Forever", thus giving us a grand total of 14 shows.

It is generally known that Gang Shows were first started by Ralph Reader and almost all the material and music written for them came from his prolific pen. Ralph has now retired and therefore new material is no longer available from him. Our producer has perforce had to bring out certain items for our programme which have been performed by the "Gang" in previous shows. This means some sf our audience have seen items before but I think, nay, I know you'll agree with me that good things should never only appear once, and are worth seeing a second time, especially after a lapse of several years. Memories are precious and if our show revives some of your more pleasant ones, we'll be happy to have been responsible.

Gang Shows are part of Scouting and, in recent years, Guiding, but I must point out, only a fragmentary part. The main objective of the Movements is the training of boys and girls so that they can go out into the world more fitted to meet its challenges, equipped with certain knowledge designed to give them a firm footing on the path of life. And I might add, with a great deal of fun included in that training.

Every member of the cast in this show is either a Scout, Guide or Uniformed Leader. The latter give up a tremendous amount of their free time to act as leaders and it is all voluntary' It is with pride that we salute them all and you, the audience, can endorse that pride by your applause during the show.

Finally, do please enjoy yourselves and when the show is over, do spread the news that "Scouting" is still flourishing and in good heart.

Thank You.