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Show Chairman : RON LEE

Show Chairman's Message

For the 4th consecutive Gang Show I find myself penning a message to be inserted in the Souvenir Programme.

First and foremost my most sincere best wishes to all participants, both on and off stage, for a highly successful show. May they all receive the blessing of good health and luck during the run of the show. They certainly deserve it.

To the audience I wish a happy evening spent with us and may they depart with a song in their hearts and a wide smile on their faces.

The thanks of the sponsors of this Gang Show, namely, the three Middlesbrough District Scout Councils (East, South and West) go out to all who have helped in the production, too numerous to individualise, but special mention must be given to the Producer, Irwin Greenwood, who has given so freely of his time, experience and know-how over the years. It is a very sad thought that Irwin has intimated his decision to make this his last year as producer. His loss to us will be so great that you might now be present at the last Middlesbrough Gang Show. To find a successor is a mammoth task which might, regretfully, prove too great.

We thank Irwin for the tremendous work he has put in since he took on the duties of producing in 1960, following many years as an Assistant Producer. Only those very closely linked with a Gang Show have any idea of the involvement incurred by Irwin as producer. Formulating a programme, carrying out musical arrangements, running rehearsals 4 nights a week for nearly 4 months, auditioning, cajoling, bullying, begging, accompanying—he has had to do the lot. With a cast approaching 100 including many teenagers, none

One can but sympathise with his decision and say "Our grateful thanks for a job beautifully done throughout the years in the true tradition of the stage and Scouting".

of the above is easy

In closing, best wishes to all who read this and may the audience feel that they have participated in one small facet of what, in my undoubted opinion, along with our sisters in the G~irie Association. is the finest youth movement in the world.