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Message from the
International Commissioner

70 YEARS PLUS ----- and still "Going Strong". What an achievement for this rnovement of ours. Today more than ever before, I think we realise that Scouting is a World Wide Movement, as we have boys from other countries in our groups in this country. This year we are of course, as a County, inviting our brothers from overseas to join us at an International Camp "Friendship '78" and I trust that a good number of Scouts/Scouters from Cleveland will support this venture.

"Teamwork" and a sense of "Brotherhood" are vital factors in the production of a Gang Show, and I am sure we will have no difficulty in showing that we are a "Team" and a "Brotherhood", as the show progresses.

Scouting could not survive of course without the support of you (the public and the "mums" and "dads") and I would like to say a personal "thank you" to you for all the help and support given to Scouting over the past year. May this continue to flourish in the future.

In signing off may I wish all the Cast, Stage and Production Staff, every success with the show, and I sincerely hope that you - the Public - will enjoy "Gang Show 1978" brought to you by the Local Members of our World Wide Brotherhood together with Members of our "Sister Movement".