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Spotlight on the Show

A hearty welcome to one and all! We are very pleased to see you and we know that when you leave the Theatre after the performance you will feel a lot better than when you entered. A tremendous number of you have seen one or more of our shows in the past, some even going back 27 years to the first. Why do you keep coming ? Obviously because you always enjoy the singing, music and sketches, but above all, that wonderful spirit which is present in every Gang Show cast and which flows over the footlights, floods the auditorium and permeates the toughest skin. Yes, even the stoics become fans. Some of you, not many to be sure, are seeing a Gang Show live for the first time. We are sorry you have missed out in the past, but now that you are here, rest assured you will certainly become addicted to the habit and long for the next edition to come your way.

In 1974 we celebrated our Silver Jubilee with our 12th show. In recent years we have come before you every other year, this time being no exception. We are are convinced that this our 13th production will be unlucky only for those unfortunate people who have been unable to obtain tickets to join with us in having a marvellous time together.

As most of you will know, Gang Shows were the brain-child of the legendary Ralph Reader. He himself produced all the London Gang Shows, including the last in 1974, after which he retired, having devoted almost a life-time to writing Music, Lyrics, Sketches etc. and incorporating them in these shows all for the benefit of Scouting. That he will be missed is putting it mildly, but Gang Shows will continue to be produced throughout the world and his music and songs will live forever, as without doubt, will the wonderful Scout Movement.

Because of Ralph's retirement 18 months ago, new material is not now available but there is such a wealth of the old remaining that any problems as to what to include in our show was less of a headache than what to leave out. The ultimate choice of the Producer is to be found on another page of this Souvenir Programme. We are sure you will find a lot to your liking therein. All right! maybe there are some items you've seen before but we'll bet you'll agree they were good ones and well worthy of repetition.

Oh, oh! the lights are dimming, the overture is ended. Time for the curtain to rise.

Enjoy Yourselves!