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Spotlight on the Show

It had to happen sometime!

One of the last all-male strongholds has been breached and they are in! But this is a happy capitulation and we are indeed delighted to welcome, for the first time in Teesside, the female of the species. The girls in the show are all members of our sister movement, the Girl Guides, and I feel sure, you, our audience, will make them as welcome, as you always do, the rest of the cast.

Lots and lots of hard work has gone into the rehearsals, usually 4 and 5 nights every week since Christmas. Our producer with his assistants and our choreographer with hers, have toiled valiantly, to weld together a show equal to, and possibly better than any we've ever given you before.

These earlier "Gang Shows" have been produced in the Little Theatre every 2 years starting in 1960. Previously we brought our shows, under different names, to you, first in St. John's Hall, this being followed by 2 shows in the old EmpireTheatre, and then a show called "We'll Live Forever", being our first venture in this Little Theatre. The quality of our shows earned us the privilege of using the title "Gang Show", a title only granted to shows of high standard. This we maintain, we have always attained and this present one is no exception.

Now then, to quote one of our newer Comedians, "Settle Down", make yourself comfortable and "Be Prepared" to have an evening's entertainment second to none. When it's over, go home and reflect that you have had the pleasure of joining, at least for a short time, in one of the activities of the finest Youth Movements the world has ever known.

Thank you all