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Every enthusiastic bloke in the London Gang Show (Girls included), will be sending these words to you. Lets never forget we are one family, chiefly in scouting but also in Gang Shows.

This year sees our 40th Anniversary of a nonstop run. Not even that rotten old man Hitler prevented the Gang Show from going on and we kept on with members like Peter Sellars Dick Emery, Tony Hancock and a host of others.

But these words and Greetings are for you and for your new show. We hope it will surpass all your other efforts and above all else we hope it wili bring new recruits to the movement when they see the team spirit and the joy we get because we belong to the greatest youth movement the world has ever seen.

Good luck to everyone of you

Hooray to you all


Mr. Gang Show.


Show Chairman


Show Chairmans Message

It is my honour and privilege, as Chairman of this year's show, to extend a hearty welcome to each and every one of you.

I have had the pleasure of being associated with the Gang Show since it commenced in the Little Theatre and am fully aware of the mountains of work entailed in bringing this show to you for your entertainment. The producer, choreographer, their assistants, the various officials and most important of all, the cast, have given up innumerable hours of their spare time. To them all, I extend the grateful thanks of the sponsors, i.e. the 3 Middlesbrough Districts, and I am glad of this opportunity to wish them well. May they all be blessed with full health to sustain them during the week of the show, thus enabling them to maintain the high spirits which have been shown throughout all the rehearsals.

To you, our audience, I say "Thanks" for your support and ask you to join in the happy atmosphere flooding over the floodlights