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1972 is European Scout Friendship Year and I believe that all members of our Movement, should be thinking hard about the implications of this. By 1973 this country will be a member of the European Economic Community, and Cub Scouts, Scouts and Venture Scouts are at the best possible age to break down the barriers that at the moment separate us from the other member countries and pave the way for true international-mindedness.

What will the Common Market mean to us? Well for a start, it means that nationals of one member country will be free to enter and look for work in another. So lads who are members of our Movement today, when they reach adulthood, will come to regard it as quite the normal thing to live and work abroad, to marry and bring up families. In fact, the pattern of the lives, thinking and outlook of man' will be completly internationalised.

How do we begin to prepare for these great changes in our way of living Obviously, it will need time and we must start in small ways. It is useless to talk about our Brother Scouts overseas if WE cannot work with our brother Scout from the Group just down the road. So here is our starting point

And this is where the Gang Show fits into the Scouting scene. Scouts and (this year for the first time) Girl Guides, from many different groups and companies, who did not know each other when rehearsals began, have worked very hard together to present this happy show for you.

Have they succeeded' I can only say that if you enjoy the show as much as they have enjoyed preparing for it, they have.