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Booking Manager

Spotlight on the Show

To coin a phrase—"Nice to see you—to see you NICE".

Here we are into double figures—yes it's our 10th show. To refresh your memory, we started out in 1950 when the show was entitled "The Gang Steps Out". 1951 and 1953 saw us at the old Empire, now the home of Bingo (what a pity) and then was produced a musical play entitled "We'll Live Forever", marking our first venture in the Little Theatre. The success of these four shows was such that H.Q. in London granted Middlesbrough Boy Scouts' Association the privilege of performing under our present title of "Gang Show". This is only given to shows of quality and we are proud to have earned that title. Our regular patrons over the years will, I'm sure, heartily agree that we have earned our spurs.

The "Gang Show" has been performed in the Little Theatre since 1960 and is produced every second year. I must point out at this juncture that the word "Boy" has now dropped out of the Association title and we are now known as the Scout Association and the old image of short trousers is fast dying out.

It will have been noticed by those of you who saw the London Gang Show at Golders Green or on the television at Christmas time, that the cast included girls yes, real live girls and not young boys dressed up as such. This has been a break with tradition, but it is the policy now to draw the Scout movement into closer contact with the Guide movement, especially in the more advanced grades. However, our producer has decided, in his wisdom, to stick to the old formula and our cast is an all male one. At the same time, there may be a surprise or two in store for you. That remains to be seen.

I can promise you a show which will live up to the standard we've always set ourselves and whilst the cast may not be as large as previous shows we can guarantee the quality to be better than heretofore.

Now sit back, fasten your seat-belts, relax and prepare to enjoy yourselves, for the curtain is about to rise on our 10th and we hope, our finest show to date. We promise you a very happy evening and we hope you will show your appreciation of the boys' efforts to entertain you by your wholehearted applause. If we have made your night, your applause makes the Cast's night.

Thank you all.