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Good Luck Middlesbrough with your new Gang Show!

Those words are far from original but we have to remember we are only as good as our last show. That goes for every Presentation whether Amateur or Professional so we have to be on our toes all the time.

As Scouts, at this particular time we have to be RIGHT on our toes because we are after recruits; we are after new Friends for the Movement and we are out to create a new image. Now what that actually means is as much your guess as mine because I've always been under the impression that IF SCOUTING IS DONE IN THE RIGHT WAY, the years have proved there is little wrong with our 'Image'. However I suppose one must be fashionable and overwork this already much overworked word.

Anyway, let your Gang Show be another shop window showing the Spirit that exists amongst you; let it prove to your audiences the enthusiasm that you all possess and above all let them know that all this keenness, vitality and comradeship you enjoy is solely because you belong to the greatest Youth Movement the world has yet seen.

God Bless you all. Here's to a good Gang Show and here's to Good Scouting.