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It is well known that the Scout Movement developed from the experimental camp held on Brownsea island in 1907. This is an opportune time to stress that our Founder expounded the magic of Scouting round camp-fires in a series of yarns to the boys. Thus Scouting, and inevitably Guiding, started in an atmosphere of joyful song and brotherhood. The Scout Spirit expanded explosively throughout the world, carrying with it the Scout Smile and the desire to serve others by spreading the gospel of good-will. Life in the open air with songs and stunts round camp-fires has symbolised the joy of Scouting and Guiding to every Nation.

From this background, Ralph Reader was inspired to develop and produce his Gang Shows. Now Gang Shows are held in far distant places. They pass on the message of joy and brotherhood. They pass on the message of giving out happiness to others. They pass on the message of international Brotherhood and Sisterhood. There are always items which carry our thoughts to distant parts. This Gang Show 1970 opens with an International Airport. Regular attenders of former Gang Shows will recall numbers from many different lands.

Teesside is well versed in looking far afield. International contracts abound in the Chemical. and Engineering fields. The Teesside Eisteddfods and Billingham Folk Festivals draw entrants from distant lands. We look to the people of Teesside to support the work done by the Scout and Guide Movements, both financially and even more by active participation.

This world-wide Brotherhood and Sisterhood has one aim in common, to help to establish.. "Peace on Earth and Good-will among men".