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What a lot of changes have taken place in Scouting since our last Gang Show. There are a lot of new names, Local Associations are District Scout Councils, Scout Masters are Scout Leaders Senior Scouts are Venture Scouts, and we don't have Rovers any more. We are no longer Boy Scouts, nor are there Wolf Cubs in place we now have Scouts and Cub Scouts who will face changes in uniform and tests. The wording of the Laws and Promise have changed but do not think that their meaning has diminished in any way. Our principles have not changed.

Something else that has not changed, is that particular brand of Scout Spirit that goes with Gang Shows. You and I know that this will endure. All the Cameraderie that has built up over the last eighteen years and which has been consolidated throughout five months of practice and rehearsal for this show will be transmitted to your audience each performance. They too, are an integral and important part of Gang Shows and I am sure they want you all to have success, so do smile for them all the tune (in the right places of course).

As we move from North Riding to Teesside you will be watched by our old and new County Commissioners. Give Col. Burnett a happy farewell, and Mr. Burness a resounding Boro welcome as I know you can and will

T. E. AVERELLóTown Commissioner.