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Since the last time I was privileged to pass on to you, the Parents, relatives and friends of the boys in the scout movement, information regarding the Cub Scout Section in the pages of a Gang Show Programme, we in the Movement have had presented to us the Chief Scout's Advance Party's Report.

In all Sections this has brought about many changes and particularly in the Cub Scout Section. Our name has been changed from Wolf Cubs to "Cub Scouts and our distinctive salute, Motto and Badge have been changed to those used throughout the whole of the other Sections. These alterations are aimed at making the Junior section feel an integral part of the Movement. The Badge System has been brought up to date and this, of course means some new tests, new ideas and above a we must consider the use of modern aids of instruction You as parents etc, can help the Cub Scout Leaders in the instruction of your (and many other parents) boys by offering your services for instruction of a particular subject. We all know the saying "Jack of all Trades and Master of none " This is not what we want our Cub Scout Leaders to be. They obviously cannot be proficient in every subject covered by the new tests and this s where you can help Can I give you some examples of some of the subjects now covered:- Cycling Firs Aid Fishing Handyman, Linguist, Naturalist, Photography, Science, Rescue, Swimming, Sportsman, Troubadour.

These subjects cover a wide range of interests for the boys and we are certain that you want the best possible instruction for your boy. It is only by the use of people who know their subject and passing on this knowledge that we in the Movement can give the boys the best.

Think it over. You will help! Please contact me any of the District Commissioners or Cub Scout Leaders and we will certainly see that your talents are put to good use.

The Cub Scout Section in Middlesbrough continues to flourish numerically, having some 800 members. Our Holiday Hostel the Diving Duck at Commondale is indeed a great boon for Pack Holidays and is usually in full use with Packs from our own Districts from Eary May until End October each year. The Football and Rounders Competitions organsed annually for the boys are always strongly contested and the Cub Scout Leaders would like through this programme to place on record our appreciation and thanks to two old stalwarts of the Movement Miss E B James of Redcar and Mr J C Appleton who regularly come along to present their respective trophies and pass on word of encouragement to the boys. We should also like to thank the "Toc H" and Middesbrough Junior Schools Teachers Association who willingly supply referees and umpires for these competitions. Most of all we thank you, the parents of the boys, for giving we Cub Scout Leaders the opportunity of assisting you in the moulding of your boys character.


Assistant Town Commissioner (Cub Scouts)