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County Commissioner

Message from County Commissioner

'I am glad to have this opportunity, so soon after being appointed Commissioner for our new County, to wish you all the very best of luck during this week of the production of the Gang Show. From personal experience, I know that the amount of work that has gone into it, and the number of hours spent in rehearsals, is tremendous

The very mention of the Gang Show conjures up thoughts of healthy entertainment, full of life and good humour. This latest effort will, I feel sure, be equally successful as previous ones, and al both in front of and behind the curtain, will thoroughly enjoy themselves.

I hope that, going back to the earliest Gang Show, Teesside County will soon be " riding along on the crest of the wave'

Message from Show Chairman

The Scout Movement over the years has had its effect on the lives of countless individuals, and many must remember the happy hours scouting gave them in their youth. Time passe and other interests and occupations fill their lives but there is always a feeling of gratitude and thankfulness for the Scout Movement which at one time touched their lives.

Tonight is an opportunity for us to get together again. This Gang which you are now meeting (which consists of the young in spirit to the young in body and spirit) takes this opportunity to project over the footlights to you all, ex Scouts and Guides or not, some of that healthy joyous spirit which is so much a part of Scouting. They sincerely hope that you will go away refreshed and feeling that the youth of today is not as bad as it is sometimes painted. If this be so the efforts of the Gang will not be in vain.

Show Chairman