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Raven Gill, the Middlesbrough Boy Scouts' Association camp site and training ground, is situated in the North Yorkshire Moor village of Commondale. It is principally used by Middlesbrough Scouts to acquire outdoor skills, but is also used by Scouts from Districts round Tees-side and elsewhere. Comprising almost 42 acres of land there are 12 used for camping. Indoor accommodation is available for courses, shelter in inclement weather and as a Senior Scout Winter Expedition base. Mains water and flush toilets are provided, together with a multitude of training aids usually too expensive for the normal Troop, such as Pioneering equipment. A Warden is on the site every weekend from March to October to be of assistance to Scouts and generally keep an eye on the site. Regular badge instruction courses are run by the Raven Gill Staff of Scouters and the site is easily and cheaply reached from Middlesbrough by tram or bus

Plans of development for the site include leveling more camping space from industrial waste land, provision of a swimming pool, construction of new Wardens' and Quartermasters quarters, reafforestation, drainage of camping sites and many other improvements. Thoughts and plans are looking to the future for a unified Tees-side and arrangements being considered to cope with this. The main task on the site at the moment, however, is to prepare for the Raven Gill international Scout Camp, " Friendship '66 " in August. This requires tremendous preparation to provide a first class camp for the Scouts from all over the World who will attend it.

" Friendship '66 " is part of Middlesbrough's contribution to the World Friendship Year, one of only eight international Camps to be held in England, this year. This is a year specially selected as a practical effort for Scouts to grasp the meaning of The World Scout Brotherhood, stemming from the fourth Scout Law—" A Scout is a friend to every other Scout, no matter to what country, class or creed the other may belong." Almost 10 million boys throughout the World share a similar law and it is the similarity which helps turn a boy into a Boy Scout.

Widespread support for " Friendship'66 " is being received from the North of England as well as from Germany, Belgium, Canada and Holland. Some of those interested may of course not come but unfortunately space at Raven Gill is limited and therefore " Sandhills," the Service Crew Headquarters, and the " Diving Duck " Cub Pack Holiday center. both at Commondale, have been borrowed, together with additional land to cope with all our expected visitors. The camp, to be held from August 20th to 29th, is open to all Scouts who should apply through their D.C., but a particular welcome is extended to the 15 to 18 year olds. Many items of interest are being planned, including visits to local industry and places of historic importance as well as such things as Mountaineering and Canoeing for the more adventuresome boy. Normal Scout training will be an important feature of this camp with full emphasis on Patrol activities and brotherly co-operation. Middlesbrough Scouts, we hope, will act as hosts in their own homes to foreign Scouts during the week before or after the camp, thus further spreading international Good Will and Understanding.

Much work has already gone into planning and preparation and " Friendship '66 " promises to be a great success. However, the plans and those for the site in general can only be carried out efficiently if there are sufficient leaders to help. If there are any amongst you who would like to help in any way, then I would be delighted to hear from you. One volunteer is worth ten pressed men.

F. G. HOLLIDAY—Camp Chief

Assistant Town Commissioner.