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Greetings, Middlesbrough Gang Show

Once again it is a great pleasure to have this opportunity to wish you all the best show ever. I wish often I could visit ALL the Gang Shows that are staged throughout the winter months but I just do not find enough evenings in the week to be able to do this. I am sure that once again all your Patrons will go away singing the songs and asking when is the next show and that all of you will enjoy every minute of the time you are so freely and willingly giving for the show.

With my own very warm wishes come those of The London Gang boys and I am sure I can include Gang Shows everywhere will be wishing you all the very best of Luck.

Yours aye,


* * *

From the President

Young men today need to work and study more intensively than ever if they are to make their mark in an increasingly competitive age. This being so, it is equally important that they make the most of the many opportunities to enjoy wholesome and worthwhile recreation and entertainment.

The Boy Scouts 'traditional " Gang Show," which is always the result of much enthusiastic effort and teamwork, is an excellent outlet for good-humoured display of youthful talent.

I am pleased to have this opportunity of wishing the local association a happy and successful event.