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The Wolf Cub

Golden Jubilee Year


In 1907, Baden Powell gave the world the game of ' Scouting ' and for a number of years the younger boys tried to " get into the act." Finally, in 1916, the Wolf Cub Section of the Movement was formed, although there are records that there were troops of younger boys formed before this date. However, this year of 1966 is the of 6cial Golden Jubilee Year of the Wolf Cub Section and our 'Chief,' Sir Charles Maclean has challenged each Pack to be a better Pack than ever before, by asking that they should do the following:

Take part in a Birthday Card Scheme which can be purchased from Scout Headquarters and sent eventually to Packs of Wolf Cubs, overseas.

Achieve a " Good Turn " target.

Take part in the National Pack meeting which will be held on 4th .lune and arrangements have been made for the 'Chief Scout' to speak to all Cubs at 5 p.m. on radio.

Complete a Scrap Book of life in the Pack and send this to the Overseas Pack. who we hope will have returned the postcard sent to them with the Birthday Card.

Achieve a progress target set by the Cubmaster.

Take part in an expedition to visit some Scouts in Camp.

Do a special Pack Good Turn.

Know that litter is dangerous and do their best to 'Keep Britain Tidy.'

When these things have been achieved, the 'Chief Scout ' will send a Challenge Certi6cate

I am pleased to say that many of the Packs in the Town have accepted this challenge and work is going ahead with photographs of Packs for the Birthday Cards and Scrap Books. Rededication Services have been held in many of the Districts, for Scouters, Scouts and Cubs. Visits by Cubs of some Districts to Flamingo Park Zoo have been arranged and whilst there, they will be able, through the courtesy of the Curator and Director of the Zoo, to take part in a " Zoo Quest " Competition, similar to that being organised by the Regent's Park Zoo, London. One District is taking a composite Pack to the Cub Open Day at Gilwell Park, Essex (the international training and camping site). Pack Good Turns have been organised during September and we are hoping that all Packs will be participating in the National Good Turn during July, August and September, when they will collect Silver Paper for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. It is suggested that if every Pack in the British Isles aimed at a minimum of 14 lbs. (equal to 22,400 milk bottle tops) several dogs will be trained by this worthwhile organisation.

We are extremely grateful to the Middlesbrough Corporation Parks Department who have intimated that they are willing to place a floral display at the entrance to Albert Park to commemorate our Wolf Cub Jubilee Year.

Our' Holiday Hostel,' the Diving Duck at Commondale, has been booked by 22 Packs for this year and we are sure that many Cubs will have an enjoyable time on their Pack Holiday.

All Cubs and Cub Scouters are looking forward to a most exciting year during this 'OUR JUBILEE YEAR.'


A.T.C. (Cubs).