Progress Report

on Scouting in Middlesbrough

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Much has happened to scouting in Middlesbrough since our last Gang Show two years ago, not the least of which, w; s the retirement of our first Town Commissioner, Mr. John Galloway. This caused a terrific sense of loss. and had he not achieved one of his strongest ambitions, to organise the Local Association on a Divisional basis, then the blow would no doubt have been much more painful to us all. His personality and talent did a great deal to establish Gang Show in Middlesbrough. He produced the shows in 50, 51, 53 and 58 and set a standard of performance and spirit among the cast and helpers which has made our Gang Shows renowned; and congratulations have poured in from all who work in these shows from other Towns

Irwin Greenwood who took over for the 1960 show, and has continued since, is keeping up this fine tradition.

Coming back to these Divisions. What a wonderful thing it has been for our Scouting. More and more lay people have come into our circle to help out, and do jobs which we are sure has given them a sense of purpose and much happiness As there are six Divisions, and each requires a whole complement of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and lay executive members, then it can be appreciated how our scouting has been strengthened. We appreciate how they have come forward and trust that we prove worthy of their support.

Scouting is for boys. It is perhaps unfortunate that in these modern times a rather heavy bureaucratic body is needed to make the movement function at world, national, and local level, so let us not lose sight of the boys nor allow the "tail to wag the dog". Berets have come in place of the traditional wide brimmed hat, Senior Scouts may wear long trousers, but the boy who wears them is unchanged in his desire for out-door adventure. We have moved with the times and changed and modified our training and activities, but we still aim at our goal of helping boys to become good and useful citizens, able to take their place in the community. Honesty, integrity resourcefulness and self reliance are the qualities we develop, along with loyalty, kindness and tolerance. Surely the test is not what the boy is whilst he is with us, but the man he is after being through our Cub Packs and Scout Troops.

All these lay people who are helping at Town and Divisional level can be assured that the parts they play are helping to achieve this end no matter how remote from the boys they may feel.

We are always looking for people who can help us as Badge Examiners. If you have the smallest piece of time to spare, with any sound knowledge of anything (we have a badge for it) and the spirit of the Gang is coming over the footlights to you then please get in touch with any of the District Commissioners. You will find them listed elsewhere in this programme. Perhaps there are those amongst you who have specialist knowledge or business contacts, which could help us with our Headquarters House in Woodlands Road, our permanent campsite at Ravengill, or our Diving Duck Holiday Centre, the latter both at Commondale. Then we could use any help you may volunteer.

We are not scrounging, but are offering you an opportunity to make a contribution to the boyhood of this town, which will have its reward in the future citizens of Middlesbrough.

T. E. AVERELL, Town Commissioner.