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This is the Middlesbrough Gang's Sixth Show in twelve years, and our third in this the Middlesbrough Little Theatre. They began their ventures in St. John's Hall in 1950, under, the title of "THE GANG STEPS OUT"

For the next two Shows they moved to the Empire Theatre appearing in 1951 and 1953. A musical play "We'll Live For Ever" saw the Gang on the stage again in 1958.

With the privileged title of the 'GANG SHOW' Middlesbrough put on their 1960 production, and like its predecessors proved to be a sell out. Therefore " Gang Show 1962" has a great tradition to follow.

Here are a few statistics for you to digest:

There is a cast of over 130, our biggest ever, S of whom appeared in the 1950 show and 41 in 1960.

This large cast has been rehearsing for S months in various parts of the town.

For the past weeks 10 people have been busy preparing our scenery and props.

Each boy has some part in the programme other than the main singing items.

More than 700 changes of costumes (and wigs) are involved.

It is estimated that about 1,500 cups of tea will be consumed by the cast this week.

About 70 boys in dancing routines have never attempted to dance before.

The following quantities of make-up will be used: over 10 Ibs. of theatrical removable cream. Over 3 lb. of face powder. about 100 sticks of make-up.

This totals some 3,000 changes of make-up during the week.

In case this small digest of statistics leaves you with that dry feeling, may we remind you there is a licensed bar on the balcony.