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Greetings From

"Mr. Gang Show" himself—

Greetings, Middlesbrough Gang.

Once again I have the pleasure to be sending my very warm good wishes to you all for a most successful Gang Show in 1962. I am sure that every one of you will take back to the Troop room the team spirit, confidence and enthusiasm that you have gained during the weeks of rehearsal. That is the test of a good Gang Show, to be even better Scouts AFTER it is all over. So once again from my London Gang Show boys and myself the very best of Luck.





A Message from the County Commissioner

I am very pleased to have this opportunity of wishing you success in your venture of yet another Gang Show in 1962 and identifying myself with you in it this time.

I fully realise all the work and organisation, as well as imagination, which it takes to stage a successful production and this in itself is very commendable.

You are also showing an admirable sense of responsibility in making a concerted effort to raise funds and so achieve independence in this respect.

It is the sign of a live organisation to show initiative and energy like this and I feel that all taking part in your Gang Show will benifit from it as persons and, as Ralph Reader says above, as Scouts.