Spotlight on the Show

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This is Middlesbrough Scouts' fifth district show in ten years. Their First stage venture was "The Gang Steps Out," produced in St. John's Hall in 1950. They moved to the Empire Theatre for their next two shows in 1951 and 1953. "We'll Live For Ever," a musical play described as "a story of Scouting today," saw the "Gang" on the stage of the Little Theatre for the first time in 1958. Like its predecessors it proved a sell-out.

"The Gang Show, 1960" marks yet another milestone; by the quality of their previous shows, Middlesbrough Scouts have earned the right to use the London title, "The Gang Show," for the first time. This is a special privilege—and one which has prompted the boys to work harder than ever in preparing this show.

The cast of nearly 120 have been rehearsing for five months at various places in the town.

Each boy has some part in a scene other than the mass singing items.

More than 700 changes of costume (and wigs) are involved.

People from as far north as Newcastle and as far south as London will be visiting us during the week.

Providing the music for the show is an orchestra composed of local amateur musicians, led by Miss Bessy Lupton.

It is estimated that upwards of 1,430 cups of tea will be consumed by the cast during this week.

And in case this digest of "vital statistics" leaves you with that dry feeling, may we remind you that there is a licensed bar in this theatre !