Greetings From Mr. Gang Show Himself

Hello Middlesbrough and District,

London calling again with the age-old Good Wishes for a smashing success with your new show.

I know you'll be going from strength to strength and my chief regret is that I won't be able to be out front to applaud all your efforts and enjoy your success.

We (the Red Scarf boys) grow in family from month to month and each week brings me letters from new Gangs which are springing up everywhere. It's always good to hear from them and I know they, too, will be wanting to join me in these few words of greetings to our Gang Brothers up your way.

What a debt we all owe to SCOUTING. Without it we would not have met, we wouldn't have been able to enjoy these shows of ours and I am sure our lives would have been poorer had we not learned about this Game and shared the great times together that B.P. formed for us. So it's to Scouting our chief loyalty lies and whatever else we do, boys, let's remember that it is to our Scouting we owe it all and into our Scouting we must put back everything we possibly can.

God bless, have a smashing show, and don't forget to write and let me know how it all went.

As always,


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