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The 120 or so members of "the Gang" have been aided and abetted by scores of " back-room " boys (and girls ! ) in staging this show. To list them all would be virtually impossible. Below are credited the principal administrators and some members of their hard-working teams of assistants.Our sincere apologies are extended to those who are not mentioned; we canonly assure them that their efforts really are greatly appreciated.


Production Secretary: Musical Director: Accompanist:
J. Butterfield K. Marriott Miss Molly Robson
(assisted by Miss D. Monaghan)    
  Assistant Producers: Show Treasurer:
Stage Director: M. Brunton J. G reenwood
R. Atkin W. K. Hall  
  K. Jobling Programme Sales:
Set Construction and Props:   T. Averell
F. Sterrett Business Manager: Mrs. A. E. Fletcher
S. Kaley R. H. Barlow  
R. Scott   Publicity:
A. Glass Other Members of the M. Race
  Business Committee:  
Set Decor: Dr. Hewell Advertising:
W. Patterson J. H. Pearson J. C. Appleton
M. Ayre S. Dew h i rst  
K. Haunt   Canteen:
  Dancing Sequences: Mrs. M. Sandell
Lighting: Miss Ella Hardy and willing helpers
G. Flower (assisted by Valerie Rennison)  
E. Plews   Wardrobe:
    Miss J. Wilcock
Make-up: Wigs: and willing helpers
J. D. Caswell Miss P. Friend  
  Miss H. Thompson Stewards:
Transport: Miss D. A. Fletcher E. Raine
P. Waite   A. Keating